EVERYTHING HURTS Sore Muscle Spray - 2oz

EVERYTHING HURTS Sore Muscle Spray - 2oz

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Everything Hurts is a natural sore muscle relief formula made with organic ingredients in easy zero waste applications to take with you when everything hurts.

Sore Muscle Body Spray is packaged in a re-usable amber glass atomizer spray with a biodegradable cork label.

Great for Athletes, marathon runners, sports, and exercise relief from aches and pains. Perfect for pre, during, and post workout self care.

Feels great on areas of pain and/or inflammation such as knees, legs, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows, shoulders, back, and joints.

Great gift for the athletes in your life or anyone suffering from inflammation!

Carefully formulated and designed from the request to relieve muscle aches and pains on the go using only sustainable packaging. Tested on young and old, competitive athletes & marathon runners to relieve sore muscles and inflammation.