Our Story

We founded 906 & Co with high spirits that even through a world wide pandemic, our dreams are possible if we are willing to take the bold leap. 


We believe that there’s never a more perfect time to pursue our dreams except for this moment right now. So we picked up the pieces and created something new, with the hope that you will too. 

Our shop is named after the wonders of beauty that the 906 has to offer, with inspiration from fond childhood memories exploring in the Upper Peninsula. 

 Years later, the nostalgic memories of visiting here became a permanent reality. We fell in love with Marquette, took a leap and made ourselves at home. 

You could call us candle enthusiasts, because we really are. Our shop is full of products that give you and your loved ones a rejuvenating and memorable experience. 

 We pour our hearts into the products that we create by hand, right at the heart of Downtown Marquette. 

 We aspire to have our goods give back to you and your loved ones through the experiences that they offer. Whether that be lighting one of our candles at a memorable dinner, taking a rejuvenating bath with our handmade soaps, or throwing on one of our luxury bath robes just to name a few. 

 We strive to carry products that are functional and beautiful that help you create meaningful moments that you’ll remember forever. 

  Thanks for being here, 

  Ryan & Brian 

 Founders of 906 & Co