Happy Paws Pet Wipes - 20ct

Happy Paws Pet Wipes - 20ct

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Happy Paws provides a safe and effective way to get all our pets clean. Our plant-based ingredients are veterinarian approved and safe for your furry little friend.

We understand that not all pets are created equal and not all of them enjoy a typical bath. If you happen to be the owner of a stubborn dog or cat who freaks out whenever they need a bath, our Happy Paws are here to save the day!

Our 8x8” wipe is 3x thicker than leading pet wipes, which makes is super strong and durable.

We are here to ensure your pets stay clean and you stay sane. Our veterinary approved formula is safe for all pets . . . even turtles!

The gentle cleansing ingredients are hypoallergenic and will leave your pet’s coat silky and smooth.

Naturally Formulated & Veterinary Approved.

Our 20ct Bag comes with 20 wipes is individually wrapped for freshness.